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Complete outdoor construction services for Long Island homeowners.

Landscape Design

Landscape designer plans and implementation is often done by Long Island homeowners without the knowledge and expertise of a trained professional. When you hire a professional landscape design company to handle every aspect of the job, the owners are more satisfied with the beautiful outcome.

Our team of Long Island Landscapers will make sure that your vision is brought to life. Landscape designer experts are able to identify the kind of plant they should pair up with the other plants to allow for both a functional and visual appeal.

Swimming Pool Design

A swimming pool is more unique when it comes in irregular shapes but may change aspects of its functionality. However, the function of the shape won’t have much effect when you are relaxing, sitting on your patio reading the newspaper on a sunny morning. All the while enjoying a cup of coffee as you stare at your pool or the beautiful water feature that was designed for it. This can be a simple urn pouring water into a basin, or as elaborate and grandiose as a tropical waterfall oasis.

The best swimming pool design can make you feel refreshed just by looking at your new pool. Placing landscape designs around it along with fresh vegetation will bring more color and visual attraction to your pool. The best swimming pool designs are incorporated with great imaginations, bringing every one of your creative landscaping ideas to life.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Custom outdoor kitchen and fireplace is one of the recent home advancements in most cities. Outdoor enthusiasts prefer having an outdoor kitchen and fireplace, in addition to their indoors structures, as they want to feel the refreshing environment while they are cooking for or entertaining friends and family. An outdoor fireplace allows for the reduced costs through using firewood instead of electrical stoves and kitchen utilities.

With an outdoor kitchen and outdoor fireplace, homeowners today are able to enjoy their entire property, not just the inside of their home.

Fire Pits and Fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace will add more value and functionality to your home. As these are built for outdoor use, you and your family are able to enjoy a more relaxing experience in an open fresh air environment. Sitting in front of the flickering flames, you will be able to experience a more ambient effect of an outdoor living space

Designing and building an outdoor fireplace entails a lot of complexities. Since only a few people have the knowledge and skills to design and produce such a structure, Long Island homeowners will typically prefer hiring an outdoor fireplace contractor for a safer and more secure finished project.

Waterfall and Pond Installation

Having a waterfall in your yard or garden indeed adds a uniqueness to your home’s look and feel. However, it takes a lot of time and effort, and requires the skills and expertise of a trained waterfall installer. Defining its position and the whole structure demands the professional knowledge of a waterfall expert.

Whether you desire a waterfall flowing into a pond or a pool, experts can create a feature to add peace and tranquility to your Long Island home. The right professionals can give you a variety of choices on materials and designs.

Aside from plants and landscaping, a man-made pond can be an eye catching yet tranquil feature in your home. With its anesthetic benefits, a man-made pond creates a resemblance of nature and can add more sense of refreshment and peace to your Long Island home.

Patios Stoops and Pergolas

A patio is a great addition to your Long Island home if you enjoy outdoor activities such as exercising, sunbathing, dining and other forms of entertaining in an open air environment. A patio can also extend from the back of your house to a swimming pool or a garden.

Pavers replicate the natural beauty of stones; hence, complementing and enhancing your surroundings attraction. Paver installers work with a variety of colors and textures to produce real-life experiences with pathways, poolside patios, and much more.

Maximize your Long Island home and give yourself and your family a stunning outdoor retreat with a completed pavers project, designed and installed by Great Outdoors Designs

Walkway and Driveway Construction

‘First impressions last!’, as the saying goes. The driveway in your Long Island home and its presentation play a huge role in creating the first impression of people when they visit your home. If it appears good at first sight, then people may presume that your home looks good all around.

Since this is an important feature of your Long Island home, this should be designed to be aesthetically pleasing. The best driveway pavers company also have the best materials for you to choose from to be used for this purpose. You will discover the best driveway pavers company professionals are here at Great Outdoors Designs servicing Long Island, NY and we will produce the most practical yet stunningly beautiful driveway for your home.

Brick and Stone Veneers

Brick and stone veneer enhance the beauty of your Long Island home while making it more visually attractive with the replica of natural stones. Having these laid into your surfaces makes you free from any maintenance services since they need not be painted. Brick and stone veneer use their natural glow of colors to make up all the beauty for you.

Through brick and stone veneer, designers and builders are able to add unique aesthetics to transform your home into a tangible expression of your desires. Take your first step in achieving your dream home with the help of Great Outdoors Designs servicing Long Island, NY. We will re-face your home with the grandest brick and stone fabrications imaginable, call your Long Island Stone Veneer Specialists today!

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